A Minimal Wood Using Cook Stove

What do you do when your propane runs out, and you don't have large quantities of wood to devote to cooking?

Of course you need some alternate source of combustible material. Wood works great but in conventional wood burning stoves you will waste a great deal of wood in heat energy that didn't go towards cooking the food.

The Grover Rocket Stove eliminated that problem entirely by allowing you to use small twigs, leaves, and pretty much any dry plant matter will do, such as weeds, dry sage brush, etc.

These Grover Rocket Stoves are handmade right here in the USA and are built to last a lifetime. With the heavy duty steel they are made of, they will not break inside or outside if dropped accidently. Grover Rocket Stoves are built with cold rolled steel and are painted with black high temperature paint to withstand the heat.

With this new approved stove, the cross section is higher, allowing more oxygen for GASIFYING THE WOOD to help give a hotter fire for cooking.


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Customer Video Review of CLASSIC Grover Rocket Stove.

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